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Our Values

Be 20% Wrong
If we don't make mistakes,
we aren't moving fast enough.
Be Fearless
Trust yourself, not the masses.
Make the hard choice.
Chase 10X, Not 10%
10x moves the needle.
Leave 10% for those other guys.
All or Nothing
Do not settle.
Only make clear-yes decisions.
Keep it Simple
Simple solutions are the best representation of clarity of thought.
Win as a Team
The team builds the company.
We fight and win together.

Open Positions

9 Positions
Engineering Manager
San Francisco, CA
Project Manager
San Francisco, CA
Site Reliability Engineer (SRE / DevOps)
San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer - Backend
San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer - Core Services
San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer - Integrations
Software Engineer - Junior
San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer - Machine Learning
San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer - Partnerships
San Francisco, CA
1 Position
Strategic Finance
San Francisco, CA
4 Positions
Communications & Events Manager
San Francisco, CA
Content Marketing Associate
San Francisco, CA
Director of Marketing
San Francisco, CA
Research Scientist
San Francisco, CA
6 Positions
Head of Talent
San Francisco, CA
Office Administrator
San Francisco, CA
Operations Associate
San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA
Recruiter - SLC
Salt Lake City, UT
Recruiting Coordinator
San Francisco, CA
Post Sales
1 Position
Customer Success Manager
San Francisco, CA
Product Management
1 Position
Product Manager
San Francisco, CA
6 Positions
Business Development Representative
Salt Lake City, UT
Corporate Account Executive
San Francisco, CA
Corporate Account Executive - Lead
San Francisco, CA
Enterprise Account Executive
San Francisco, CA
Enterprise Account Executive - New York
New York, NY
Sales Operations (Sales Ops)
San Francisco, CA

Interview Process

Are you the next great Bolt team member?
Intro Phone Call
We'll chat about your background, Bolt's background, and your interests and goals.
Phone Interview
We'll dive into your area of expertise and discuss challenges and opportunities at Bolt.
On-Site Interview
You'll learn more about our product and culture, meet the rest of the team and chat with our CEO. We structure interviews to help us hire the whole person — we want to get to know you, not just work-you.
We want to ensure that we're providing the best work experience for our employees, so we'll sync with people you've worked with in the past to learn how to work with you best.